Winter Edition: 2022
Ronald Ford, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Welcome from Dr. Ford

Welcome to our Winter 2022 Physician’s Newsletter. This quarter, we share extraordinary findings around new breastfeeding benefits; specialized resources for your patients and their families challenged by complex medical conditions; valuable dermatology tips for pediatricians; medical options to help teens with obesity achieve healthier lives; and the latest progress on our hospital’s expanded facilities, capabilities and services. See these and many other newsworthy updates inside. Happy holidays to all!
JDCH Partners Update
Amanda Porro, MD - Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness and Complex Care Programs
Gain a bigger voice in decisions that affect your community’s kids. Join our JDCH Partners Program. Our group of likeminded pediatricians, pediatric specialists and community providers maintain their autonomy while participating in the clinical and administrative benefits typically available through a large health system. Learn more about partner benefits.
Community Corner
Hanadys Ale, MD - Pediatric Immunology and Allergy
Discover breastfeeding’s newest benefit.
Dr. Ruth Petersen, Director of the CDC’s Division of Nutrition, affirmed that breastfeeding “is the clinical gold standard for infant feeding and nutrition, with breast milk uniquely tailored to meet the health needs of a growing baby.” Now breastfeeding adds another extraordinary new benefit: breast milk neutralizes antibodies against COVID-19. Review the latest.
Meet the Physicians
Ariel Brautbar, MD - Chief of Pediatric Genetics
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ariel Brautbar as Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s new Chief of Pediatric Genetics. Dr. Brautbar cares for patients with complex genetic disorders, using advanced genetic testing to find the cause and, when possible, treatment. Dr. Brautbar also works with patients with genetic syndromes, neurological disorders with a genetic cause, and has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of lipid-related genetic disorders. Learn more about Dr Brautbar’s background and specialized certifications.
Join us in welcoming Dr. Samantha Allen to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital team. Dr. Allen is a Pediatric Otolaryngologist (ENT), caring for children, adolescents and teens with hearing loss, chronic ear infections and sleep apnea. She also manages airway diseases, swallowing disorders, voice conditions, and head and neck pathologies. Learn more about Dr. Allen’s fellowship accreditations, as well as her patient- and family-centered approach.
Samantha Allen, MD - Pediatric ENT Pediatric Otolaryngology
In the News
Doron Kahn, MD - Neonatal Perinatal Medicine, Pediatrics
Prematurity is the #1 leading cause of death in babies in the US.
Prematurity Awareness Month is an ideal time to reflect on both the revolutionary neonatal breakthroughs of the past and the promising innovations ahead. Dr. Khan reviews valuable lessons learned, COVID- 19’s impact on prematurity rates, and what’s in store for premature neonates as the discipline of modern neonatology continues to evolve.
JDCH New Program – Center for Complex Care
What is Complex Care?

Parents of children with complex medical conditions need specialized help.
Our Center for Complex Care staff works closely with children’s healthcare providers and support teams, finding comprehensive resources based upon each child’s specific medical needs, care goals and support systems. We help children who are followed by multiple specialists; diagnosed with rare diseases; dependent on technological devices, like home ventilators or feeding tubes; and/or struggling with challenging diagnoses and seeking a second opinion. Share our services with your patients.
Amanda Porro, MD, Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness and Complex Care Programs
Jason Adler, MD, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Pediatrics
It Isn't the Dead Child Who Haunts Me
Maryanne Chrisant, MD, Pediatric Heart Failure and Transplant, Pediatric Cardiology
“It Isn’t The Dead Child Who Haunts Me.”
Settle in and experience this gripping story, originally shared as a podcast by our very own Dr. Chrisant. It’s based upon an unforgettable ER encounter she experienced as a third-year resident during one memorable midnight to 7 am shift. An encounter that still haunts her many years later. Just who is that body floating face down in the dark, silent lake?
BCH Dermatology Tips and Tricks for Pediatricians
Jennifer Huang, MD Attending Physician, Dermatology Program, Boston Children’s Hospital Program Director, Harvard Combined Dermatology Residency Program Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School

Gabrielle Paquette, BS
While many regions experience higher dermatology issues during summer months, Florida’s ever-present heat, humidity and UV intensity subject young skin to maximum risk and concerns year round. Dr. Huang, dermatology physician at Boston Children’s Hospital and program director/assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, shares effective prevention, diagnostic and management tips for pediatricians.
Health Living
Self-Care Strategies for Front-Line Workers
Brandy Hughey, DSW, LCSW-QS, JDCH PFAC Behavioral Health Committee
Self-Care = Self-Preservation.
Front-line workers are 76% more likely to experience burnout or compassion fatigue. Before we can help patients manage their stressors, we each need to manage our own first. Taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is not a luxury or indulgence. It’s necessary self-preservation. Check out these strategies to keep you and your frontline teams mentally, physically and emotionally healthier.
Construction Update
Scott Singer, Associate Administrator
Our new 4-story expansion at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is less than a year away! Nearly all our pediatric services will soon be housed in one convenient, freestanding building. We’ll be adding 72 state-of-the art private rooms, surgical suites with new life-saving technology, additional procedure rooms, teaching simulation lab, a new gym with outdoors terrace, plus new and expanded patient amenities. See all the exciting changes arriving soon.
The Importance of Play
Mr. Rogers said, “Play is really the work of childhood”. It’s also how children learn about the world while exploring and testing their own limits. Play is so important to child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. Sadly, the lack of play these days is taking a serious toll on children’s mental, emotional and physical health. See the reasons why and how pediatricians and other physicians can help.
Resident's Corner
Our pediatric residents have an official Instagram page. Follow their journeys as they share special moments and continue their education at the Memorial Healthcare System Pediatrics Residency Program at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
Early Developmental Clinic
Early screenings identify developmental risks.
Joe DiMaggio Children’s Health Specialty Center in Wellington provides comprehensive screenings that identify children aged three and under at risk for developmental delays, along with promoting access to therapy services, as needed. Research shows that early intervention can make a significant difference in the child’s quality of life as they grow and develop. Learn more about our team capabilities, including licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists and our range of services and specialized referrals.
Adolescent Weight-Loss Surgery
Helping teens take control of their health.
The teen years can be extra challenging with weight-related health and social issues. Weight-loss surgery can increase a teen’s self-esteem and can improve conditions including Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Our program is especially for teens aged 15-17 (with parental consent). While bariatric surgery isn’t for everyone, when it’s the right option, our experts deliver comprehensive, compassionate care for both physical and mental well being. Learn more about how we help teens with obesity achieve healthier, more active lives.
Awards and Accolades
Excellence in Person-Centered Care – Planetree Certified
Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital is proud to maintain Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care. It is the highest mark of achievement for creating an organizational culture that engages patients, families, staff, and the community to improve overall health and well-being. This evidence-based program provides a structured pathway and operational framework for establishing the systems and processes necessary to sustain culture change organization-wide.
The Pinnacle of Excellence Award
As a recipient of the 2021 Pinnacle of Excellence Award, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital ranks among the three top-performing organizations, recognized for our consistently high levels of excellence over three years in patient experience, employee engagement, physician engagement and clinical quality performance.